Retaining walls Canberra


Do you need a retaining wall built? Are you looking for a professional and trustworthy landscaper that specialises in Canberra retaining walls? We are one of the leading landscaping business that specialises in building retaining walls in the Canberra area. 


With over 20 years in the landscaping industry, we know how to build a quality retaining wall that will last for years to come. Whether you’re building a new house and you need a structural retaining wall, or you want to retain your front garden, whatever you require, we have years of experience in building residential and commercial retaining walls. 


When it comes to the types of retaining wall available, you have a number of options.

We can build any of the following.


  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Timber sleeper retaining walls
  • Treated pine retaining walls
  • Rock and stone retaining walls
  • Block retaining walls
  • Bluestone and sandstone retaining walls


Retaining walls are a long term investment. And in most cases are a structural requirement if you are building on a sloping block, or you want to retain soil to level out your property. They can also become a feature structure within your garden allowing you to create some pretty cool landscaping.


On the other hand, because a retaining wall is a structural product, it does mean there are regulations you must adhere to. For example, anything over 1 meter high or is used for structural purposes like building a dwelling or a fence line you will require council approval and in some cases, a structural engineer approval will be needed. This is something we can help you with if required.


Why Hire Us As Your Canberra Retaining Walls Builder

Because we have the machinery, access is not an issue. This means we don’t have to hire extra equipment, therefore keeping our costs down. We may not be the cheapest but we are the best. All our retaining walls are built with the required padding, drainage and the correct foundation needed to keep your retaining wall upward for many years to come. The last thing you would want is for your wall to need replacing in 5-20 years because the foundations and the drainage weren’t done correctly. Something to keep an eye on when you get a cheaper quote. And that’s not us. 


We rely on our reputation and our professionalism in detail. And we don’t leave a site until both parties are happy. Our reputation relies on delivering the best product possible, whether that’s a large or small retaining wall

So if you’re looking for a free quote for a retaining wall you need building please give us a call. We’ll be happy to have a chat and discuss your options.